Mash Machine is your revolution in music

Mash Machine turns its players into a DJ in seconds. The intuitive interface allows up to 4 players at the time to create their favourite music by just placing and moving the blocks on its slick surface



Mash Machine is a unique social music experience that helps people network and have a good time while making them create the music they love!



Mash Machine comes with the built-in function of recording your guests' mixes. Creating music has never been easier with endless opportunities right at your fingertips.



Mash Machine makes playing easy. It takes just 1 minute to learn the basics - enough to play and have fun with other guests for hours. 


Same Mash, different looks and audience

Mash Machine is like a chameleon. Ready to change its skin to fit any event. From the looks of the machine to the design of the beat blocks. You can change the face of Mash Machine to fit your brand without any effort.      

From live entertainment and workshops  to team building activities. From DJ battles and karaoke events to corporate  and wedding parties. Seeing is believing: here



Mash Machine has a constantly growing library of music to create endless opportunities at play. We call it Soundbank.  




Hear it from them

We bought one for Intel and it’s a popular attraction in fairs and conferences like the Maker Faire Paris.
— Paul Guermonprez, "Industrial IoT Application Engineer / Evangelist - EMEA at Intel
It was a strong element of public engagement: interactive, committed and simple.
— Anne-Manuèle HEBERT, Commercial Director at MIDEM
Mash Machine made the event feel like a party!
— Eventex, 2016

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