What is included in Mash Machine?

Mash Machine includes everything you will need to play music, except sound system, electricity and players. No additional screen is needed to setup as device is controlled through your mobile or tablet (no application, just connection to Wi-Fi).

  • Structure with legs
  • Wrapper
  • 40 controllers + 10 spare
  • 2 additional sets of stickers for controllers
  • Audio cable 5m
  • Electricity cable 5m

All items are delivered in a flight case and a tube.

Price: 5500€ + VAT and shipping


Devices come with 6 initial Soundbanks (a set of sounds to play on Mash Machine). We have a range of different music styles to choose from. 

  • 1 Soundbank - 150 €
  • Pack of 5 - 650 €
  • Pack of 10 - 1000€

After the purchase you will be able to try out all the available Soundbanks for a month. After this trial, you will select the soundbanks to keep on your device.